Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sundried, Salty, and Sandy...But Back Home Again in Indiana!

2008 Hotrods and Hillbillies, Nashville, Indiana
I thought this little roadster was pretty unique.
Well....We are back! My wife and I loaded up the kids (all 6 of them) last Saturday and headed south to Charleston, South Carolina. We did so however via Nashville, Indiana.

There was a nice mix of traditional hot rods and rat rods at the show.

Everything from this '70s style T-bucket to this wild yellow Studebaker.

There were even a few "high dollar" deuces that rolled into the show.

It was a little bit "out of the way", but we decided to take in the 2008 Hotrods and Hillbillies show at Mike's Music and Dance Barn hosted by the "Gravel Draggers". It was great getting a chance to meet "Beetlejuice55", a friend I had met via the motortropia site and myspace. We spent some time talking with him and checking out his 1955 Pontiac (see photos).
It was also great to introduce myself to "Taz" and his wife and to see his Chevy truck again. The newly flaked roof and bed cover is looking great!

All in all, it was a GREAT show! Thanks again to Beetlejuice55 for inviting us! Thanks also to the Gravel Draggers! I would make the trip down to Nashville again!
This Effie was nice: simple and sic!

Well, we wish we could have stayed longer, but the kids were getting hungry and we needed to get back on the road toward Charleston. The first band was just warming up when we left, and by the sounds of it, things really picked up after we left.