Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pictures from Aesthetic Finishers 2008

Thought I'd try to get started on the task of uploading the pictures from the Aesthetic Finishers Open House this afternoon.
One of the first vehicles I noticed pulling into the show was this Chevy Bread Truck. The all-aluminum body was left unpainted. The truck had a nice looking Chevy small-block under the hood. The interior was accented with several skulls, etc. The truck had some large chrome rims (maybe 20's?) and cool front and rear bumpers fabricated from cam shafts. Thought I'd post a few pictures of this "Bread Sled" for my friend Rocky who used to have one of his one.

This is the 5th annual Open House for the Piqua, Ohio based company. The day include free tee-shirts and dash plaques for the 1st 300 registered car owners. Registered owners were also included in a drawing for 3 beautifully powder coated tool chests.

A raffle for a 400 horsepower Chevy small block was going on throughout the day, as was a 50/50 drawing that raised over $1000.00 to be split with the lucky winner and a charity of the Mr. Coomer's (owner of Aesthetic Finishers) choice.

A corn hole tournament was conducted in the afternoon. (I'm not sure many readers will understand what "corn hole" is...I believe it is a Midwestern U.S. past time. Basically the game is similar to horseshoes, but instead of a stake, players aim for a hole cut into a slanted wooden box. Instead of horseshoes, players throw beanbags. I've also played a similar game around Indiana called "Washers". Same rules, etc. the boxes are covered with carpet and the players throw large washers.)

This was a pretty cool Chevy truck. Nice patina! I also like the Radir wheels and wide whitewalls. This truck had a unique set of exhaust pipes. Dual exhaust came out behind each rear wheel and angled back and upward in the form of 4 pipes on each side.

There was also a hula hoop contest for the kids and self-guided tours through Aesthetic Finishers powder coating facility.

There was A LOT of variety at this show. Including this wicked Chevrolet Chevette. I hate to admit, my 1st car (at age 16) was a Chevette...but it DIDN'T look like this one!

Well, the weather was pretty warm. Temperatures pushed into the upper 80's with some humidity. We were certainly glad we had set up "camp" in the shade and had plenty of water and carbonated beverages to last throughout the day.

I'm not a big Ford fan, but you just don't see a lot of Ford pickup trucks from the late 50's and early 60's at car shows. The owner of this "barn fresh" Ford gets that "in the weeds" look with a z'ed frame and hydraulics

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Dennis Gage was at the show throughout the day. I actually saw him signing his autograph in the trunk of a guys 1956 Chevy. A locally produced TV show "Cruisin' with E-Rider" was also on hand filming interviews with several car owners.

Another "barn fresh" Ford. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the door panel graphics on this truck. Hey Rocky....are you going to do something like this on the doors of your '39 Chevy?

About midday, my father, son, and I walked up to the front of the show were the food vendors were set up. Marco's Pizza had a tent in which you could buy pizza by the slice or you could get a medium Pepperoni Pizza for $7 bucks. I asked the guy how many people a medium pizza could serve (thinking to myself that $7 bucks would be a cheap meal for the 3 of us). The guy said, "Well, a medium pizza has 8 slices." I said, "Great, I'll take one, please." To which my son chimed in, "That's sounds great dad, what are you and grandpa going to eat?" (Spoken like a true teenager, eh?) Needless to say, we took the pizza back to "base camp". My father ate 2 slices, I had 2 slices, and my son ate 4 slices (1/2 the pizza) himself.

Hey! these pictures are for Suede and Chrome readers like Mustang Mike! There were many beautifully restored cars, as well as high dollar hot rods at the show.

MANY more pictures from the 2008 Aesthetic Finishers Open House to follow in the week(s) to come. Keep checking for future updates.