Wednesday, February 17, 2010

World of Wheels Post #4

 My 18 year old son has a subscription to "Truckin'" Magazine and is really into lifted trucks. Since he didn't get to go with us to Indy, thought he would appreciate photos of the Chevy. (special thanks to the guy in the striped polo shirt who walked in front of me as I was taking the 3rd picture! lol)
 How cool is a restored vintage Indian motorcycle. This 1950 Chief was a work of art.

How would you like to have both of these cars in your garage? HammerArt had a pretty cool display. My father and I missed an opportunity to tour HammerArt's facility a couple of years ago. We had to leave the 6th annual GodSpeed Blanket Run early and HammerArt was the last stop on the tour.