Saturday, February 27, 2010

Last Post from 2010 Indy Motorama 1962

 Man, it doesn't matter whether it's a Dodge, VW, Chevrolet, or even a Ford, I love these snub-nosed pickup trucks of the late 60's.
 This little wagon has a similar body color to my Nifty Fifty with a flatter finish.
 Can you believe this one started out as a 4-door sedan?
 WOW! 'nuff said here.
 You don't see to many C-cab T's anymore.
 The "Stude Tomato" had an interesting story. It has an Avanti engine under the hood. The owner had some pictures of it BLOWING AWAY several different muscle cars at the dragstrip. This would be a real sleeper on the street.
Saw this little chopper trike as we were leaving. It was pulling a little wooden casket trailer. The bike's name is "Last Ride" (which I thought was I nice way to finish my posts from Indy!)