Friday, February 19, 2010

Indy Motorama 1962!

This year's Motorama was bigger than ever. Man...this is by far the coolest part of the World of Wheels show! Hats off to the Indy Road Rockets for a dynamite show! Here are a couple of cool bobbers that greeted folks as they came into the Motorama area.
 And speaking of cool bikes, How about three full size motorcycles and a engine built completely out of Kynex! Now that is cool! If any Suede and Chrome reader knows anything about these, please email me. I would love for them to come to our "Wheels for Williams" show that the Righteous Rodders will be hosting on May 15th! These things were very cool and as you can see from the photographs, drew lots of attention.

 This little wagon belongs to an area rodder that I've ran into here and there the past couple of years. Usually he has a couple of surfboards attached to the top of the car. He told me he didn't think they looked as cool driving from Richmond to Indy in the middle of February as they do in the summer months.
I've seen this '50 Chevy around as well. This makes me want to figure out a way to get the Nifty Fifty down to the Motorama next year! More from the Motorama tomorrow!