Tuesday, February 16, 2010

World of Wheels Post #3

Well, here are a few more pictures from the 2010 World of Wheels. There is always lots and lots of cool stuff to see. And whatever your tastes, you can still appreciate something that cool that is outside your favs....Case in point...if I had my preference, I'd own a bobber, but this crotch rocket with a wicked custom lion paint scheme was pretty slick! And although I'm a "bowtie guy", I can appreciate why one of my car club buddies likes late 60's/early 70's Ford Mustangs.
Now this sweet 2010 Camaro was definitely cool.
And this Impala and the Cadillac pictured below were definitely more in my range of "cool".

And I didn't forget you Mopar fans! Lots more pictures in the days ahead. Come back tomorrow for more from the 2010 Indianapolis World of Wheels!