Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Hot Rod Furniture

I've posted some pictures of cool "hotrod" furniture in the past, but I ran across some more recently and thought they were worth posting as well. I would have liked to have met the genius who looked at the rear end of the old Cadillac sitting in his yard one morning and got the brilliant idea.."I think I could make a couch out of that!"

Or heck....why not make a whole living room set out of an old car?
For those of you who dig a more "modern" approach. There are a lot of places out there making some pretty cool looking furniture out of new rims, leather, and chrome.

But for me...there is something about recycling some vintage tin. This table made from the hood of an early '60s Chevrolet pickup truck seems to fit the bill.

And while you are redecorating, why limit your creativeness to the living area? Take it right into the bedroom with a SWEET Mercury bed with WORKING headlights! Now that's kool!

And a set of these kool tiki air filter lamps would look great on either side of that Mercury.

And when you've got a car for a bed, the master bathroom HAS  follow the hot rod theme doesn't it? Nothing says "hotrod" like a flamed toliet lid and a pinup girl shower curtain!
All that's left is a few more hot rod additions like this flaming skull side chair, a couple Harley stools at the bar, and this SWEET woodie cabinet.

What about the game room you say? No problem my brother....Nothing says Kool better than a VW microbus pool table!

Now if you have an understanding spouse that lets you totally redecorate your home with the above aforementioned items, she MAY even let you park your classic right in the living room like the work of art that it is!