Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Indy Motorama!

Man, I'm looking forward to next weekend! It's a long few months in the midwest throughout the winter months for "car folk". But when the calendar turns to February....I start looking forward to the Indianapolis World of Wheels Autorama (specifically the Motorama 1962 hosted by the Indianapolis Road Rockets), and then the Detroit Autorama.

With the BIG snow storm that hit Indiana yesterday...these shows really help you focus on "better things ahead". We were without power for about 3 hours last evening, then once it returned it flicked about 1/2 dozen times through the night. (just enough to kick off the electric blanket each time!). This morning, we woke to a hip-deep drift in front of the garage. We are currently being advised by local law enforcement to stay off the roads. Forecasters are saying another storm is heading this way by Monday.

2009 Motorama 1962 Picture Album Link

So....with that being said....thought I'd cruise on over to the Road Rockets' website and look at some awesome pictures taken at last year's event. Follow the link above that will take you to the Road Rocket site so that you can check 'em out for yourself. What I like best about this show is the location. As you can see from the photograph above, there is something to be said about the bare concrete floors and the brickwalls of the buildings on the Indiana State Fairgrounds that house all these traditional hot rods! I've been told by a few Indy car buddies that this year's event will be almost double the size of last years!!!
Several of my car club buddies plan to load up and head to Indy for the show this weekend. Most of us will be taking our wives (because it is Valentine's Day weekend for goodness sake!). I've also already made my hotel reservations in Detroit for this year's autorama as well. It will be the 3rd straight year that my wife and I have made the trek. Looking forward to seeing a lot of friends and familiar faces, as well as meeting many new folks and seeing a lot of cars I've never seen before. If you are planning on attending either for our Righteous Rodders club jackets, if you find one of us....make sure you come up and introduce yourself.