Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friend Bought a Harley

Hey! This news to guys compares to a female exclaming to her friends, "I'm pregnant!" A friend of mine told me the news after church Sunday...."I bought a Harley!" Hey, that's cool. This afternoon, he found an excuse to tell his wife so that he could ride it over to my house. The thing is pretty nice. It's a 2003 100th Anniversary edition Wide Glide. The thing has a lot of aftermarket chrome including some Screaming Eagle II pipes.

My friend is certainly happy with his new purchase and is trying to squeeze a few more rides out of it before colder weather hits. It's kind of amazing the number of individuals with Harleys in our congregation. Let's see... Donnie G., Troy and Melanie S., Mike and Jennifer D., Lee G., Bob U., Brad and Carla H., and now Billy R. I'm thinkin' I need to get a bike of my own (see bobber posting) and we could have an outing with members of our church. (How cool would that be?)