Monday, October 1, 2007

Marion County Fairgrounds Swap Meet

Two weekends ago, I took my son and went with some friends to the Marion County Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana which was hosting a HUGE swap meet. The meet had LOTS of cars, parts, etc. for sale and/or trade.
I forgot my digital camera, but fortunately had my camera phone in my pocket. Unfortunately, I didn't think about my camera phone until late in the day and therefore only snapped these photos.
The car on the left was VERY interesting. It started its life as a 1940 4-door Chevrolet sedan. The owner has done some serious chopping and modifying to turn it into this cool rat rod.
The interior of this car was pretty simple. All metal floor was reworked and everything was painted green. Simple bucket seats that looked like they might have come from a 1965 Ford Mustang were the only "creature comforts."
I've always liked Divco and International bread/milk trucks. This International Metro sold for $3,000.00. It will make someone a really cool rod.
I've seen a couple of these and/or other bread trucks turned into some pretty cool rods. Airbags and oversized rims tucked inside the fenderwells make these things look way coooool!
You can do some pretty cool things with the LARGE interior space in these vehicles as well. I saw a Divco a few weeks ago that was tubbed. It had 2 flatscreens inside with comfortable seating for the entire family.
I told you I like milk trucks! This go kart was a promotional piece created for a dairy. It was for sale in the swap meet area. I had my son stand beside it to get a feel for its size.
This thing was really cool! (That is everything but the price tag!!) ..."Let's move on son!"