Saturday, October 6, 2007

Something New...

In an effort to keep this blog from becoming dull, I'm always looking for new ideas and things to try . I've experimented with a couple of different looks (i.e. backgrounds, text color, fonts, layouts, etc.) since my first post. I've even made a couple of posts with recorded narration.

The other day, I was standing in my favorite book store: Books-A-Millon, drinking an iced coffee and thumbing through some of my favorite mags. I noticed that one of the "latest trends" is the old school/hot rod/rat rod/rot rod magazine. New magazines in this genre seem to pop up everytime I revisit the book store. I would guess they now carry 4 to 6 different titles in this same genre.

Some of them, are printed on flat-gloss low quality paper. Many of the pages contain black and white pictures. This gives the magazine a edgy, grass-roots kind of feel....and isn't that what the whole old school hot rod/rat rod/rot rod thing is about? (I saw an ad in one of these magazines for an upcoming car show. It had a disclaimer at the bottom...something to the effect of no Boyd-queens, billet, etc.) These guys are into cars and are fed up with the high-dollar trailer queens featured in Street Rodder, etc. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy looking a Boyd-queen over when one happens to roll out of it's enclosed trailer at a local cruise-in. But to me, the point of owning a car is to ENJOY it. And when I say ENJOY it....I mean being able to take it out on a weekend or Saturday morning and DRIVE it. Not having a care about bug juice or paint chips from road debris.

Owning a hot rod should be a stress reliever. After a long hard week at work, I guy should be able to relax while working on or driving his rod. Some of these guys get SO uptight worrying about dings, scratches, paint chips, etc....not to mention they spend MUCH of their time (IF they do bring it to a show) polishing, buffing, cleaning, etc. GOOD NIGHT....TAKE A CHILL PILL BROTHER!

At any rate, I've messed around with the format of a few pics I took in the past couple of months. I think it brings a whole new quality to this photographs and gives a whole new appreciation for these cars....ENJOY!