Friday, October 19, 2007

The Man, the Myth, the Legend...

The other day, I got a messege from Verizon on my cellphone. It said that I had used over 95% of my internet storage space for pictures I had taken with my cellphone camera.
So...tonight, I got online and went through them and deleted about 50+ pictures. I had forgotten about a lot of them.
Anyway...I ran across this one. Probably the first time I tried using some of the custom features on my the Sienna tint.
This is my dad wearing one of his car shirts, driving my eldest son and I to a car show. On this particular day, it appears that we didn't take the '47 Chevrolet, but it doesn't matter. I'm really thankful that my son has had the opportunity over the past 16 years to spend many Saturdays with my father. I'm also appreciative that my father instilled an interest in cars in me. I can remember a lot of the many cars my father has owned. I have a lot of great memories of him "tinkering" in the garage with some "project". (my guess is that mom must be much more understanding of this "obsession" than my own wife.) I can also remember planning some family trips around the Hot Rod Nationals (ie trips to Memphis, TN and Columbus, OH).
Thanks Dad...for all that you do! I love ya!