Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bradford Pumpkin Show Cruise-In 2007

Well, as the fall chill begins to set in, another year of cruise-ins and car shows winds down. Today, my father, oldest son and I traveled to Bradford, Ohio to the annual Bradford Pumpkin Show Cruise-In. Bradford is located on the edge of Darke and Miami counties in Southweastern Ohio. The Pumpkin Show is Bradford's annual town fair with many events happening through the week.

This morning at 8:00, the temperature was 40 degrees. By the time my son and I left for my father's house at 10:45, it was 48 degrees. By the time we got to Bradford, it had turned into a nice fall day (as long as the sun stayed from behind the clouds).

After the Bradford show, we headed back to Union City and visited one of the small museums in town. Although I grew up in UC, and my father has spent his entire life there, neither of us had ever been to the museum. It was an interesting place. Sponsored by the local Historical Society, it consisted of several rooms filled with materials that were either on loan or had been donated by locals. It was filled with material that told the history Union City Ohio and Indiana.

There were several photographs, including information about a vehicle company that used to produce cars in Union City in the early 1900's. The "Lambert" was produced in the first ten years of the 20th century right in my hometown!

There was also lots of information about the Union City Body Company, Sheller-Globe, and other factories that are no longer in operation.
Since a lot of Union City's history centers around the railroads that run through the center of town, there was one room devoted to local railroading and trains. Another room housed several military uniforms and information about Union City residents who have served in foreign wars. (One interesting side note...a plaque containing the names of those who had served in WW II included the names of my great aunt and great uncle.)

Overall, this morning was a day well spent with my father and son. After our trip to the museum, we planned an afternoon outing to another nearby car show in Fort Recovery, Ohio.