Friday, October 19, 2007

Fort Recovery, Ohio Fall Cruise-In 2007

After our morning outing to Bradford, Ohio, my father, eldest son, and I traveled to Fort Recovery, Ohio in the late afternoon. Fort Recovery puts on a fantastic Fall cruise-in right along the streets of downtown. This year was no exception. There were several great looking cars and trucks spanning a variety of genres...(muscle cars, restorations, classics, hot rods, 4-wheel drive trucks, and rat rods).

Once again I tried to capture a few pictures of some of the more interesting cars (at least to me!). The weather was great, but Fort Recovery has some downtown sewer drain issues! Occasionally, you would get a 'whiff" that would curl your toes when you walked by a street drain. WOW!

At any rate, it was another great show and a great day spent with my father and son. Hopefully some day soon I will be able to drive my own ride to some of these shows...but until then, I will continue to enjoy the rides of others.

Well, it's my guess as October nears its end, the days of summer car shows and weekend cruise ins are coming to a close. Many owners will be preparing their cars for a safe winter's rest, not to be seen again until the coming of June. Until then, I will continue to look for car related items to 'blog' about.