Thursday, November 1, 2007

What The Heck Is It?!?!?!?!

Hey! Not a lot happening around here this week. It's Thursday night and I've FINALLY gotten the chance to check out what is current for auction on eBay. I ran a search for rat rod motorcycles and came up with the pictured contraption. This thing is for sale in Ft. Worth, Texas with what appears to be no reserve. There are currently 9 people who have bid on it and the high bid right now is $850.00.
The description says it is a complete running trike. The guy built it himself with the body of an old slantback Ford and a VW engine. The motorcycle tank looks like it is "just for show". This thing is ugly man! I'm into "rats" but this thing is even too ugly for me! What kind of frame does this thing have? Looks like the guy used whatever was lying around the lot! Interesting yes?