Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a NEW YEAR!!!!!

WOW! Can you believe another new year is upon us? Doesn't seem possible that it's January already, let alone 2011!!!! Where does the time go? I just passed a billboard outside of Muncie, Indiana last week that had a picture of the 1980 U.S. gold medal hockey team on it. As I passed it, I thought, "I remember watching the gold medal game that year", then it hit me..."HOLY COW! That was 30 years ago!" hahaha
Well, to start the new year, I thought I'd begin posting from a photograph set taken on November 6th at DaddyKatz in Kettering, Ohio. DaddyKatz is really hard to describe in's a really funky little place PACKED full of everything kool. If you like hotrods, vintage bicycles, motorcycles, anything tiki, pinstriping paint and brushes, vintage clothing, vintage furniture, tattoos, etc., you will LOVE Daddykatz.

I've started this photo set with a picture of my oldest son, doing his "Auto and RV" pose in front of the DaddyKatz Tiki. I'm starting the year thanking God for my children, especially my son, Kolson. He had a pretty major open heart surgery on December 10th, which involved 6 hours on the operating table and 5 days at Riley Childrens' Hospital to repair a narrowing in his aorta about an inch above his heart. As you can imagine, the whole ordeal was pretty stressful on his old man, his mother, and his siblings. We are so thankful that God brought him through the surgery and that he has been resting and recovering over Christmas break. He is looking forward to returning to school to finish his Senior year this week, and we are hopeful that the results of the surgery will give him more energy and reduce fatigue and shortness of breath.

My friend Bill Winger is owner and operator of DKs. Whether it's his weekly cruise-ins on Thursday nights through the summer, his involvement with Festiki in Dayton, or his model shows, Christmas parties, or bicycle and minibike shows, Bill always seems to have something worth making the drive to Kettering. Any time I know I'm going to be in the greater Dayton area, I always try to work a stop in at DaddyKatz into my plans.
During this particular stop, I took my father, my oldest son, and a car club buddy of mine down to DaddyKatz for a bicycle-minibike show. My car club buddy, Bill, had never been to DaddyKatz, so the whole experience for him was especially cool.
There were bikes from all over the area, including this sweet bike, custom built by my friend Lit'l Bill from Indianapolis, Indiana.
Bikes of all shapes and sizes were at the show. Vintage bikes, lowriders, and customs were all well represented. Come back tomorrow for more from the DaddyKatz Bike and Minibike Show.