Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inside the Sketch Pad

I got to tell ya, I was quite envious when my wife and I stepped into Taz's "place of work". The Sketch Pad is ULTRA cool! The place is absolutely spotless and it is filled with all kinds of cool and interesting stuff.
This place is like the "ultimate man cave turned business". VERY COOL Taz....very cool.
I think my favorite part of Taz's place is the cool mural that he has painted on the wall in the back room. You could stand there staring at it for a long time and not see everything....again, every man cave should have something this cool on the walls!
Well, that's it from our trip down to the Sketch Pad in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, our "one tank trip" didn't end there. If you are an avid reader of Suede and Chrome, you know that any time I'm anywhere near Dayton, I may try my best to figure out a route that takes me by DaddyKatz in Kettering! hahaha. I'll be posting a few pictures tomorrow from my most recent stop. We'll see what new items of interest Bill had in his place.