Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Riley Creation..."Altered GTX"

After I built the altered wheel base 55 chevy, I decided to try building another altered wheel base car.
This one is a Plymouth GTX, and I think it's a 69....I can't remember. 
On this one I did the same thing to the rear 1/4 panels that I did to the 55 chevy (cut the 1/4's off, cut a section out of the front of the 1/4's, slid them forward and used the sections to fill in the rear of the 1/4's). Then I glued the pieces back onto the body and went over the seams with bondo and sanded them smooth.
I also did the same thing to the chassis by cutting a section out and moving the rear part of the chassis forward.
This was done pretty much the same way that I did the 55 chevy as far as the body, chassis and interior go.
I had this really cool set of solid, soft rubber slicks and I really wanted to use them on something. So, In order to make them look right on this car, I had to raise the entire car up (like some of the drag cars were in the late 60's/ early 70's).
I used a chrome straight axle on the front with a single transverse leaf spring and a set of radius rods.  I moved the front axle forward but left the front wheel wells in their stock location.
The paint on this body is a gold base color, followed by transparent orange lacquer. I masked off the sides of the car and sprayed some yellow panels on it with a red pinstripe around the yellow and then clear coated it with lacquer. The interior is painted flat black and the rear seat has been removed.
The engine is a blown hemi painted orange of coarse. I painted the sides of the blower and in between the fins on the valve covers with the same  orange. The headers came with the model and I sprayed them flat white.
I left the front bumper in place on this one because a GTX looks funny with no front bumper.
My friend whipped up the decals and they are done in silver foil. I came up with the name "Chi-Town Shaker" for the car and I added some misc. sponsor decals.
I built this model back before I started putting on fuel lines and plug wires and that's why there aren't any on this one.
WOW! Rob, you never cease to amaze me brother. It's been a blast posting this stuff over the past few days. I'm looking forward to other goodies you might be sending for future posts!