Sunday, January 16, 2011

Next Stop....

As the snow continued to fall throughout the day, it began to make the Run a bit more challenging. Back roads became slick with ice, and parking became very difficult for cars with a "lowered stance".
Regardless, we trekked on to our next stop...the annual lunch provided by the Cluster Busters Hot Rod Club. The Cluster Busters were formed in 1948 by a group of students and graduates of an Indianapolis High School. Little is known about these original members, but they were interested in drag racing. By the early 1950's, hotrodders had acquired a reputation as "hoodlums". The Cluster Busters wanted to change this image. They became advocates of safe driving and organized racing on the track instead of the street. The club became affliliates with the National Hot Rod Association in 1950. By 1954 every member of the club was also a member of the NHRA.
After lunch, we drove to the final stop on this year's tour, the garage of Jerry Baker (Weeks). Although Thom could not find a definitive description of Jerry on the 'net, Thom claims that he is one of the best metalshapers that he has ever seen. And after seeing some of his projects, I would have to agree. The projects that he produces in the 3 story red barn beside his house are absolutely amazing. Jerry is a man of MANY stories, and if you ever get a chance to visit, plan on staying a while. The first project that we had the opportunity to learn about that Jerry is currently working on is this "barn-find" t-bucket from the 1950's. The owner has asked Jerry to restore it "as is" to retain the year's of patina, pinstriping, etc.