Monday, January 31, 2011

Mercury Cyclone Altered Wheelbase Model Build

Here's one more altered wheelbase car that i built out of a stock bodied Mercury cyclone.
I did the old "cut the 1/4's and slide them forward trick" on this one just like on the 55 chevy and the GTX.
I also did the same thing to the chassis, and removed the back seat. The paint on this one is the same transparent orange that I used on the GTX, but this time I sprayed it over a silver base color. It came out a lot darker than it did on the GTX. I painted the hood flat black, and added some misc. decals.
The engine is a boss 429 from my parts box, with fuel injection. The headers also came from my parts box and I painted them flat black. To raise the front end on this car  I made a set of raised spindles and a set of chrome radius rods because I didn't have a straight axle to use. The roll bar is made out of steel coat hanger and the interior is painted flat black.
Shortly after I built this one, they re-issued an old model kit of an altered wheel base Mercury Cyclone/ Comet called "Haley's Comet". Mine is cut up from a stock wheel base kit, but it would have been much easier to just buy and build the re-issued kit.
Like the other a.w.b. cars that I built, this one was built before I started putting on fuel lines and plug wires. I built this one kid of quick, so I don't think it came out as nice as my other ones.
 We at Suede and Chrome think it looks GREAT Rob! Thanks again for sharing a few of your past builds with us...they are truly awesome!