Saturday, January 16, 2010

Suede & Chrome Feature: The Mad Hungarian

Man, imagine my surprise when I checked the Suede and Chrome Social Network (what? You're not a member yet?!?!?! Sign up today using the link in the left column of this site!) and found that Danny "The Mad Hungarian" had uploaded several ULTRA KOOL photographs he had taken near my hometown!

Yep, the Indianapolis Road Rockets (the ones from the Road Rocket Rumble) hosted a nostalgic drag race at the Muncie Dragway. I knew about it, and really wanted to attend, but unfortunately I had other committments. That's why it was even kooler for me to see the shots Danny posted.

So...with Danny's 'blessing', I thought I would post just a few on Suede and Chrome today. It is my understanding that the Mad Hungarian will be covering this year's World of Wheels (Motorama 1964) for Ol' Skool Rodz! Wow! that's a gig I'd like to have!

Well, the Righteous Rodders plan to be in attendance and hopefully we will run into Danny and personally thank him for allowing the use of his photography on this site.

To see more of Danny's shots from the Muncie dragway, sign up for the Suede and Chrome Social Network. You can also see some more of his photograph if you are a member of the Hub in his virtual garage at:

Danny also informed me that he has a website under construction. Once it is up, you can check it out at:

Thanks again Danny for sharing. This stuff is super kool!