Thursday, January 21, 2010

Suede and Chrome Extra: 1928 Dodge!

Wow! I got to tell you, I REALLY like the looks of this 1928 Dodge. If you are an avid reader of Suede and Chrome, you've figured out that I'm into the traditional hotrod / rat rod look. Heck, I've traveled all over the Midwest United States in the past year to shows like Beatersville in Louisville, KY., the Autorama in Detroit, Motorama 1962 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, The Hunnert Car Pile Up in Morris, IL. and the Road Rocket Rumble in Indianapolis because I REALLY dig these cars. This 1928 Dodge is REALLY kool because it has that "not your ordinary" aspect that I really like.

If I wasn't trying to pay for a house, raise 6 kids, and pay off the debt that comes with multiple college degrees, I'd be on the horn calling Josh up about his sik ride down in Seymour, IN! Hopefully by posting it to Suede and Chrome, I can help out a fellow Hoosier and find a new home for this little Dodge that will appreciate her!

You can follow this link to see it yourself on Craigslist: