Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Modified Ice T

Well, I enjoyed posting my friend Rob's Long Island Ice T yesterday, and thought I would continue the series today. The following comments are Rob's, explaining how he put his own twist on this classic model:

Here's what the original Tom Daniel ice-t kit looks like...more or less. The body on this one is stock so you can see where the roof and cowl on the long island ice-t came from.

When I built this one, I wanted to change it a little from the way it was supposed to be built. It's supposed to have a tunnel ram on the engine, but I never liked the looks of a tunnel ram. So, I put a big blower in place of the tunnel ram. On top of the blower are 2 holley 4 barrel carbs. with the original ice t scoop on top of them. I added plug wires and fuel lines to it and a rubber blower belt.

The rear wrinkle wall slicks are original to the kit, but the front tires are from my parts box. The original front tires were a bit too wide in my opinion, so I swapped them out for some skinnier ones. The rims are some 5 spoke mags that I found in my parts box. The original rims are not very attractive in my opinion, and they are kind of like old turbine style mags in a way. I didn't like the looks of them, and that's why I put the 5 spokes on it.

The original side pipes were ribbed chrome plastic, and they fit into recesses in the sides of the body. I wanted to do something a little different with the pipes because the originals do not fit the recesses in the body very well. I made up a set of pipes out of some aluminum tubing, and I made them oversized to better fit in the recesses on the body.

I also changed out the steering wheel because the original steering wheel was more like a pair of bicycle handlebars. There are 2 clear plastic blocks of ice in the back with and they are melting. there is a pair of chrome ice-tongs on one of the blocks of ice.

The front seat is flat black, while the "wood" floor is painted flat tan. Paint on the body is canary yellow over a silver base color, and 3 coats of clear laquer.

Wow! Once again, I am amazed at the detail Rob puts into his models. The fuel lines, spark plug wires and belt he added to the engine really makes a world of difference! Awesome stuff Rob!

Make sure you return tomorrow for the 3rd installment of this series! p.s....tell a friend!