Saturday, January 9, 2010

Paddy Wagon

O.k...this is the last installment of a series of featured custom models and it's a classic that most will remember. Thanks again to fellow hubhead Rob Riley for sharing his custom work and commentary!

Here's the Tom Daniel paddy wagon Kit that I built awhile back. It's pretty much built right out of the box, except for a few minor changes. The original kit had some ugly wheels, so those were the first things that i changed. The 5 spoke mags came from my parts box, but the front tires and rear slicks came with the kit.

The engine had a crazy cross ram kind of intake in it that was pretty ugly, so I swapped it out for a nice ram tube fuel injection set up. I did add plug wires to the engine, but they are a bit too big and they are kind of stiff. I was trying some new material for the plug wires when I did this, but i have since changeds to wire that looks more realistc. Other than those 2 changes, I built it right out of the box. The engine is painted red, the front seat is painted flat black, the padded walls in the rear are painted flat red, and the benches are painted flat tan.

All I did was spray clear laquer over the blue plastic that the body was molded in, and it came out really nice. the rear traction bars are just painted silver while the rear axle is chrome.

Man, I love the detail Rob has put into these models! Super Kool stuff! Well, tomorrow, I will begin posting a few pictures I took on a recent (and disappointing) trip to Indianapolis for the 2009 Auto Show. Let me just say that it really didn't do anything to strengthen my hope in future of the automotive industry.