Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last set of Chevrolet Billboard Ads

Wow! Thanks Pontiac Dave for these cool bowtie billboards...they certainly get my blood pumpin'! It's too bad GM doesn't have much in their current lineup to draw people back. Don't get me wrong...the new Camaro is very cool. But the average blue-collar, red-blooded American doesn't have the clams to shell out for one.

Gone are the days when a guy could walk down to the local dealer (local dealer? What's that?) and drive a new car off the lot that he could afford and that had enough horsepower that his manhood wouldn't be compromised! Bring back those days General Motors!!!!

Can you believe January 2010 has come and gone? Only a couple weeks until the guys from my club load up and head down to the World of Wheels in Indianapolis! Looking forward to the Road Rocket hosted Motorama 1962!!