Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Long Island Ice T

This is the first post in a series featuring custom models built by a car buddy of mine named Rob Riley. The following text is his detailed description of how the car was built. Thanks Rob for your contribution to Suede and Chrome!

Here's a model that I call the long island ice T. My friend Jay started to build this one, but he got frustrated and sent it to me. The base of this model was the model called the ice-t by tom daniel.

The only original part of the ice t is the roof and cowl. Jay cut roof and cowl off and grafted them to a set of 39 ford sedan fenders.After he did that, he sent it to me to finish. I finished off the body work and started piecing it together to acheive the look I was after. The grill is the original 39 ford grill, but I made the short front hood piece from the peak of a 41 Willys coupe hood cut down to fit. The headlights are also from a 41 Willys. The roof is open in the center, and the interior is flocked purple and white. The engine is a pontiac 421, with a blower and 3 strombergs. I added spark plug wires and fuel lines to it. The chassis is from the 39 Ford, and I de-arched the rear leaf springs to get it sitting low. I also radiused the rear wheel wells to follow the contour of the slicks. The front axle is a chromed dropped straight axle.  The dashboard is a modified 32 ford coupe dash that I re-shaped to fit in the car.

Paint on the body is a base coat of orion silver, with a top coat of purple laquer. On top of that is a couple of coats of clear laquer. the chassis and engine are painted aztec gold laquer.

There is a ton of body work in this one and my friend Jay Richardson gets credit for starting this and getting most of the body work done. I call it the long island ice t because the roof came from the ice-t kit, and the rest is a mixture of different parts...kind of like the long island iced tea drink.

Awesome custom Rob! If you enjoyed this post, come back in the following days to see some more of Rob's custom creations!