Friday, January 8, 2010

Pro Street or Funny Car?

Here is the 4th installment in my feature of Rob Riley Custom Models. This one is probably my personal favorite. I'm really diggin' the radical custom funny car look! Very kool Rob!

This next one is made from a couple of different models. The body is from a Ford Thunderbolt superstocker kit. The chassis is from a mid engine nova wagon drag car called the boss nova. The engine is a boss 429 out of a mustang kit. I had to shorten the chassis to fit the wheel base of the thunderbolt body. I made engine mounts from plastic rod and I had to shorten the transmission. The headers, the blower, the injector, the blower pulleys and belt are from an old Duster funny car kit called the cop out. I had to shorten the headers so they would not stick out really far from the body. The Duster funny car body is pretty wide, so the headers were wider than they needed to be for the Ford body.

I added plug wires and fuel lines to the engine and I also added a fuel cell to the back of the chassis. The body, chassis tubes, roll bar and engine block are all painted with Fiery orange laquer and clear coated. The floor panels and firewall are painted silver.

I glued the hood closed since there isn't an engine under it anymore, and I didn't want it falling off all the time. I built a hinge for the body out of a peice of plastic tubing, and steel rod. I made it hinge in the front for easier access to the engine, and I think it gives the car a unique look.

The wheels are Radir mags, and the rear slicks are old style pie crusts. I never came up with a name for this one, and that's why there are no decals on it. Actually, I like the way it looks without decals.

I'm really liking this one Rob. The thing I like about all of Rob's models is that they are custom, yet not so over the top. I mean, I could actually see someone building the Long Island Ice T or this little pro street funny car....very kool stuff Rob!

Readers, come back tomorrow for the final installment of this series. And remember, if you've got something you think is "Suede and Chrome worthy"....just send it my way at