Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holy Smokes this is KOOL!

Well, at the end of yesterday's post, I said I would start posting some pictures I took at the 2009 Indianapolis Auto Show, but those can wait til tomorrow. Today I'd like to let Suede and Chrome readers know about a very kool dvd that I recently had the opportunity to review!

Wow! I recently had the opportunity to review a copy of Vintage Torque's dvd coverage of the 2009 Hunnert Car Pile Up, and let me tell you, it is freakin' kool!

I don't care who you are, or whether or not you made it to this past year's Pile Up, I can't think of ANYONE who wouldn't enjoy this video. If you went to the show like I did, this video will stimulate every cerebral memory you have of the event. You'll recall the sites, the sounds, the music, and even the smell of that sweet mix of exhaust fumes and fair food. If you weren't as luck as I was to be there, this video is the next best thing to being there. Heck, I would say that even if traditional hot rods and kustoms are not your "cup of tea" you will still enjoy this dvd and have a much better appreciation for the "scene" once you've seen it.

This video captures the 8th year of Hunnert in fine detail. Since this was the first year I ever had the opportunity to attend the event, the thing that amazed me most was being able to just stand at the entrance of Grundy park and watch kool kustom after kustom, traditional rod after rod, and rat rod after rod run through "entrance inspection" as they entered. Vintage torque videographers did a GREAT job of capturing the essence of this scene in the first chapter of the video. The Chrome Czars (club that hosts the annual event) have strict entry requirements that they adhere to. It was cool that the video even captures some of the cars that were turned away at the gate.

John Wells, the brain-child behind Vintage Torque, and his crew do a great job of not only capturing the hotrodding spirit of the event, but also capturing the "mood" of the show with shots of spectators, the bands, the food, and some of the pre-event activities that happen in the streets the night before. Lots of sweet video of flamethrowin' and muffler rappin', burn-outs, and just down-right hotrod greaser fun are depicted throughout the video.

One of the koolest aspects of this dvd is how the video footage was shot. While watching the video, the camera angles put you RIGHT in the middle of the action. Watching, one feels like you are right there, hangin' out with good friends and enjoying the Pile Up and the events surrounding it for yourself.

Probably the most surprising to me was the amount of "koolness" on the video. Total running time is over 90 minutes, but the fun doesn't stop there. Also included is a sweet set of  photographs from the event...all synchronized to some wicked music. John has also included lots of  lengthy footage (previews) from some of the other event coverage dvds Vintage Torque has put out over the past few years. It was cool to see that Vintage Torque has dvds covering some of the other traditional hotrod events in the Midwest United States that I've attended, but it was also sweet to see some previews of some west coast, and even Japanese events. Being currently "snowed-in" in Indiana,  I can't even imagine what it would be like to cruise in the Nifty Fifty virtually year round like those katz do in California. Kooky man!

If the previews weren't enough to send my cerebal cortex into "Koolness Overload", there is also bonus footage at the end of the dvd from the 2008 Hunnert Friday Night Pre-Party.

All being said, this dvd is out-of-sight! And if this video is any indication of other event videos produced by Vintage Torque, you can bet Ol' Scruffy will be layin' down the greenbacks to add a few more to his video library. Thanks to John Wells and the rest of the gang at Vintage Torque for giving me the opportunity to review this dvd...TWO GREASY THUMBS UP FOR THIS ONE BROTHER!

The only questions I'm left with after watching this video are: 1) Will the Chrome Czars decide to host a 9th Annual Pile Up (pleeze say it's so!) and 2) Who the heck is the guy on the flamethrowing bicycle? Holy Smokes this thing is kool....I think I'll go watch it again!

You can check out more information about this and all of Vintage Torque's videos at their website:

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