Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project '39 Update

Stopped in to see my friend Rocky this weekend. When I called him, he said he had just gassed up Project '39 and was bringing her home.
Well, when I got to his house, I finally got to see the project for myself. Avid readers of Suede and Chrome should recall the frequent updates on this project throughout the past few months. It's great to finally get a chance to look it over. There are LOTS of things to look at on this ride. Lots of parts from lots of different sources....lots of creativity too!
The final result is a pretty kool ride. Bet this thing looks pretty wicked coming up in your rear view mirror! Stopped in to see this rat rod on my way to the Beatersville Show in Louisville, KY. Lots of pictures to post in the next few days....the show was AWESOME!