Thursday, May 28, 2009

Beatersville 2009 Post #4

Man, I love the Nifty Fifty, but there is definitely a part of me that would love to own a rat rod. I really enjoy looking at each individual rods unique features. There are A LOT of creative builders out there!
Traditional Hot rods, patina, shop trucks, it's "all good" in my book. I love the whole Kustom Kulture scene as well.
I get real tired of the guys at other shows that spend the whole day polishing their cars and worrying if someone gets too close to their spotless rides. To a lot of those guys, shows are all about the trophies. The koolest thing about shows like Beatersville, Hillbillies and Hotrods, and the Road Rocket Rumble is that its more about enjoying driving your car, hanging out with your friends, and meeting new ones.
Another great thing about the Kustom Kulture movement is that it has allowed owners of cars that may have never been considered as "show cars" to bring them to the shows for everyone to enjoy. I love seeing an increase in station wagons, pickup trucks, and other models at shows.
I'm also seeing more and more Gassers at shows these days.