Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Set of Pictures from Greenville, Ohio

I really liked this little Rambler. Sort of a sleeper. Pretty stock looking on the outside, with a SBC under the hood.
This Chevy II was pretty slick.

I'm a fan of late '30s Chevrolets. I have some great memories of my father working on a '39 Chevrolet 2-door sedan when I was growing up.

Here is Vinylynn's '53. Great to see it out for a new season.

Another friend of mine. I didn't know he owned this Galaxy. He is the police chief in the town I work. I stood and talked with him about the car. The plan is to convert it to a "Mayberry cruiser"....can't wait to see it.
The weather forecast looks a little "iffy" for East Central Indiana this weekend. There are a few shows that I'd like to get to on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, but I'll have to see if the weather holds.