Monday, May 25, 2009

Beatersville 2009 Post #1

WOW! I had heard only a few things about the Beatersville Show before I decided a couple of weeks ago to try to make plans and go, so I was pleasantly surprised at how incredible the event was!

The show is centered around the Phoenix Hill Tavern in Louisville, Kentucky. I believe this was the 4th or maybe 5th year of the show (I'm sure a reader or two can tell me for sure.) The Phoenix Hill Tavern is a very old, historic, kool building filled with enough ecclectic stuff to make the head spin.

The car and motorcycle show is an annual event that focuses on pre-68, home-built traditional hot rods, rat rods, and motorcycles. No billet, No trailer queens, just kool rides, kustom kulture, and sweet Rockabilly and Blues bands throughout the day.