Friday, April 23, 2010

Wheels for Williams Less than a Month Away!

Well, it's hard to believe that winter is finally over and "car" season has officially begun. One of the first shows of the year in my "neck of the woods" is held at the Indiana University East/Ivy Tech Campus in Richmond, Indiana. This year's event will take place this Saturday, April 24th. There is usually a pretty good showing, although there have been a few years when the weather is still a bit windy and wet. I'm hoping to get the Nifty Fifty to the event, and if not, at least make the show so that I can pass out flyers for our club's "Wheels for Williams" event.

The Wheels for Williams show came about after I received an email from the Williams Syndrome Association. WS is a rare genetic disorder that affects about 1 in every 10,000 births worldwide. The disorder is characterized by a microdeletion of genetic material from one of the number 7 chromosomes. If you remember back to your freshman biology class in high school, you may recall that humans have 23 pair of chromosomes in every body cell of their bodies. One of each of those pairs comes from mom and the other in the pair comes from dad.

For some reason, sometimes there are mutations that occur when those chromosomes are being copied, sometimes chromosomes stick together and those the offspring ends up with an extra chromosome in every cell (Down's Syndrome is an example of this, in which the individual has 3 number 21 chromosomes). Some times there may be an insertion of genetic material, sometimes an inversion of a section, and still other times a deletion of a section of DNA. In the case of WS, it's the later. Just a small section of a few genes that for some reason gets left out. Even though it's a small section, it's enough to cause delays in milestones, learning disabilities, characteristic "elfin" facial features, and cardiovascular issues.

That's probably much more than you cared to learn on a website devoted to traditional hotrods....but I know a lot about it because I have an 18-year old biological son, and a 9 year-old adopted son with WS.

Anyway...the Williams Syndrome Association is trying to "get the word out" about our kids through the 1st annual "Williams Syndrome Awareness Week"  The WSA is supporting grassroots groups in organizing many local activities through the week of May 9th through the 15th. Most of the activities involve "Walks for Williams", but our car club thought it would be pretty cool to host an open show instead. With the theme: "If It's Got Wheels...Bring It!" We sat out to put together a show in which we hope to involve as many "wheel" enthusiasts as possible. Whether it's a traditional hot rod, a muscle car, a monster truck, new generation tuner, vintage tractor, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, tricycle, pedal tractor or pedal car...we want to see it at the show!

Initially, we thought that we could probably easily pull 50 or 60 vehicles to the show, and sat a goal of raising a few hundred dollars, with all profits going to the WSA. Well, once the "ball got to rolling", the event has taken on it's on momentum, and now we are enthusiastically anticipating a much larger turn out. We've had an out pouring of interest, and now plan to have live music from 2 bands, as well as a DJ spinning some tracks before, between, and after the bands. We've got several goody bag donations, door prize donations, and even a few larger items that we plan to auction off.

As the word gets out, we've had emails and calls of inquiry from car and motorcycle clubs from around the state of Indiana and a few inquiries from the state of Ohio.

If you can make it out to the event...we would absolutely appreciate it! Registration is just $5 and we will register vehicles from 9 am til 11 am. Awards will be at 2:30. Losantville, Indiana is a very small town (one of my car club buddies calls it a "one horse town") located at the crossroads of US 35 and US 36. It's approximately 30 minutes southeast of Muncie, Indiana, 30 minutes northeast of New Castle, Indiana, and approximately 30 minutes northwest of Richmond, Indiana.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to email at: