Saturday, April 10, 2010

Can it Get Any Kooler?!?!

WOW! The Edelbrock display is to a gearhead what a jewelry store display must be to a woman. This stuff had some really high luster chrome-plating!
I do believe this cool little '49 Effie was built by the Linders to race on the salt flats in Bonneville. Although I'm not a big "blue oval" fan....this pickup was VERY kool!
And Linders' truck wasn't the only thing kool at the about the awesome faux patina on this little Model A pickup "push truck"? And this Sprint racer was just as sweet.
Suede and Chrome readers that also read Ol' Skool Rodz should recognize this Poncho. It belongs to Koolhouse editor Alan Mayes. Alan grew up in nearby Daleville, Indiana. It was great to see his Pontiac, which was built by Bo Huff and painted and striped by Bo's son. It was also very cool to get to met Alan at the show!
 More pictures from Indy tomorrow!