Thursday, April 22, 2010

Over 900 Posts!

Wow! I just noticed this morning that I have now made over 910 posts to this blog. That's unbelievable! I remember when I started this thing several years ago, I was worried about finding enough things to post and/or say. It would have been hard for me to imagine back then that I would be able to consistently post new content on a daily basis almost EVERY day!
It would have also been hard for me to imagine the amount of support and following that this website has received. I truly appreciate the numerous post comments and positive emails that I've received from readers over the past couple of years. Initially this site was created to have a place for me to share the pictures I take at area shows and my interest in traditional hotrods. It has become equally enjoyable for me to hear that readers like the content contained within this site.
 Another kool thing about this site is that it's given me an opportunity and a reason to venture a bit further away from the area shows that I've attended in the past. Yep...because of this site, I've ventured out of the state of Indiana and attended the 2008 and 2009 Detroit Autoramas. I've also made the drive into Illinois for last year's Hunnert Car Pile Up and down to Louisville, Kentucky for last year's Beatersville.
Through these experiences, I've gotten to met a lot of great people in the industry, and a lot of great hotrodders! I've developed friendships with car owners, business owners, photographers, pinstripers, etc. I've also been able to increase the level of interest in traditional hot rods in some of my friends, and form a car club in the past year. Last year the club hosted their first show, and this year we've added a second show.
Who would have ever thought that a little website that started "just for fun" would lead to so many opportunities and friendships? I certainly appreciate everywhere this site has taken me over the past couple of years. And I look forward to what may wait ahead in the next 900 posts!