Monday, April 26, 2010

Final Shots from IVY Tech Show in Richmond, Indiana

Well, like I said yesterday, there weren't a lot of vehicles that were "Suede and Chrome worthy" at Saturday's soggy IVY Tech Car Show.
I believe I heard that this was the 19th annual show. I know that we have been going to this show for the last several years and it seems that the weather has not cooperated the last couple of years. Last year it was very cold and windy. This year, it wasn't cold, but it was wet with on and off sprinkles and showers.
I thought the little custom 3rd door was pretty unique on this Dodge pickup truck.
Well, I had anticipated being able to take enough pictures at this event to last me through May 1st (the next event that I plan to attend). However, that is NOT the case. If you have any cool car related pictures, stories, video links, etc., please email them to me asap so that I can fill the next few days with "Suede and Chrome worthy" posts! Have a great week.