Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Day Keeps the Cars Away.

Well, it was a soggy forecast for the entire weekend that greeted me Saturday morning as I turned on the news and ate a big bowl of my youngest son's fruit loops. According to the weatherman, Indiana was going to get off and on showers throughout the day, with a chance of severe weather moving in sometime Saturday afternoon.
Well, that was enough to change my mind about getting the Nifty Fifty out of the garage, but I did want to get to the show to pass out flyers for our May 15th Wheels for Williams show and our June 19th Millville Run @ the Wilbur Wright Birthplace Festival.

I apologize to my H.A..M.B. friend Aaron who drove his Pontiac wagon to the show. He was really one of the only traditional hot rod/rat rod guys at the show.We had planned to meet up at the show, but I didn't get his H.A.M.B. message in time to let him know that our plans had changed. Instead, another member of our club, his wife and baby girl, my father (also a member of the Righteous Rodders Motor Club) and myself with my 4 year-old son, met up in our daily drivers in the parking lot of the event.
Can I get an "amen"?
There were LOTS of import/tuners at the event. I did give them flyers for our upcoming shows, as I want ANYTHING on wheels at our charity event. However, I did not take pictures of their rides, as I didn't think they really fit on a website dedicated to traditional hotrods and ratrods.

Come back tomorrow to see a few more pictures taken at this year's Ivy Tech Car Show in Richmond, Indiana. Due to the weather keeping many cars at home, and the fact that I spent a lot of my time there passing out flyers and talking to folks about the Wheels for Williams show, I didn't get a lot of pictures.