Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not Much To Post Today...

(I visited the Suede and Chrome archives to find this picture of my 3 oldest kids at the Richmond IVY Tech show several years ago. They are now 18,16 and 15! Where does the time go?!)
Well, due to the rainy Spring conditions in East Central Indiana last weekend, I don't have the pictures that I thought would carry me through this week. The IU East show in Richmond was smaller than it has been for the last several years due to rain. I also didn't make it over to National Trail High School in New Paris, Ohio on Sunday afternoon for their annual car show due to poor weather. I haven't heard if they had the show or postponed it due to weather, I know they had a rain date of May 1st.

I'm planning on attending a cool little show this weekend in Muncie, Indiana. The event is called Special Cars for Special Kids, and is put on by a former student of mine. He has a child with special needs and the money goes to a program at Ball State University that his son is involved in. Avid Suede and Chrome readers may remember pictures from last year's event held at the BK Root Beer Stand. This year's event will be at a larger venue...the BLD's 50s Cafe on US 32. It will be held Saturday, May 1st. Looking at the weather forecast this morning though...and they are calling for showers for the entire weekend.
One of my favorite local shows over the past few years has taken place within a mile of my house. The ME Zoo always drew a nice variety of vehicles. Sadly, last year was the last year for the show...and the zoo. Due to financial reasons, the ME Zoo closed it's doors last fall. I've ridden my bike by the place a few times this spring...and it's a ghost town. All the lots and cages are empty, only a few Bison are left in a back lot. This picture was taken @ the ME Zoo show a couple of years ago. This Buick belongs to a couple from Parker City, Indiana. Was always good to see it at area shows.
Another area show that usually draws 100+ cars is held at Jerry's Ice Cream in Parker City, Indiana. If memory serves me, it's usually held the last weekend in May. I haven't seen any flyers for the show, maybe I'll have to swing by Jerry's this week, get a Colossal sized Strawberry Milk Shake, and try to get the 411 on this year's event.
A couple pictures from last year's show at Jerry's Ice Cream Parlor in Parker City, Indiana. Man...my neighbor's Black Plymouth is a beautiful car! I never get tired of seeing it.