Monday, April 19, 2010

More "Kool" from Speedway, Indiana

I really liked this chrome skull with a home-made leather helmet and what appeared to be LIVE ammo turned into a hood ornament!
This 1949 Chevrolet got my attention. Especially when the owner fired it up and that sweet sound of a six-cylinder with a split manifold rang out! Man...that's GOT to be the next "upgrade" on the Nifty Fifty!
I don't know if he has been noticing....but I got a comment from "Just a Car Guy" a few weeks ago requesting that I try and take more than one photograph of cars once in a while. Well....that was a great suggestion, and I've been trying to do a better job of it! Like this 1939 Ford pickup truck for instance. The truck may look a bit "barn-fresh" and patina'd on the outside...but I spied a sweet V8 flathead under the hood!
Come back tomorrow for the finally installment from Bubba's/ISRA Pre-Easter Open House!