Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wilbur Wright Show Post #4

I've gotten to know Randy Swartz over the course of several shows this summer. It was great to see him drive his 1955 Thunderbird over from Muncie, IN. He took home a Top 10 Trophy despite that stupid little crying Elvis doll. :)
Roberta Fox registered her 1957 Chevrolet at the show.
Bill Rowe won a Top 10 Trophy for his BEAUTIFULLY restored 1946 Chevrolet pickup truck. According to his wife, they have owned the truck for many years and this is actually the second time Bill has restored it. After the first restoration, the barn it was parked in fell on it. OUCH! We were certainly glad Bill made the effort to restore it again and bring it to the show!
Charles Hawkins brought his purple 2000 Ford pickup to the show, and although he didn't take home a trophy, he did bag a cool Ford Mustang t-shirt as a door prize.