Friday, August 7, 2009

Special Cars for Special Kids

Well, what a difference an afternoon makes. As you can see from the pictures, the skies cleared in East Central Indiana after the Lucky 7 Cruisers show, and by early evening, it was a beautiful Indiana summer day.
Well the host of this kool little event still calls me "Coach" and "Mr. T", but none the less, it was a great show for a great cause. All the profits from this event went to a local charity that works with children with disabilities. This kool HUDSON lead sled is owned by the host's father-in-law.

I had seen this little flat black Chevy pickup truck at a show in Muncie earlier in the summer. Still looks great!
This truck took the Best of Show trophy.

"Special Cars for Special" kids was held at Brownies BK Root Beer, a real "throwback" restuarant on 12th Street in Muncie, Indiana. You can check out Brownies at:

Avid Suede and Chrome readers may recognize both of these area vehicles from previous posts.
Any time I see a Corvair, I'm reminded of the one my grandfather had. However, his wasn't a cool convertible!
My friend Randy Swartz made it a "family affair" by bringing his father along in his recently acquired Ford Mustang. (I figure avid reader Mustang Mike will like this picture.)

Well, as you can imagine, with a lot of kids, my schedule can get pretty CRAZY at times. I had to leave my car at this event and take my three oldest children to a youth group party in Hagerstown, Indiana and unfortunately missed most of the fun. HOWEVER! I would like to publicly thank Randy Swartz, the owner of this sweet Thunderbird for volunteering to clean the the road grime off of the Nifty Fifty while I was gone. You da man!
Thanks to Randy's elbow grease, the Nifty Fifty picked up another Top 20 trophy, while this SWEET Ford Panel Truck took home Best of Show.