Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lucky 7 Cruisers Show @ Razzles in New Castle, Indiana

My Righteous Rodder club buddy Jim a.k.a. "The Doctor of Chrome" checks out this kool Chevrolet pickup truck.

This is another picture of my friend Randy's Thunderbird. I've run into him a lot this summer. It seems to take a trophy at every event!

A little rain didn't stop this flat black beauty from being kool!
Well, even though the weather did not cooperate and kept attendance down, the Lucky 7 Cruisers hosted a great show recently at Razzles Restuarant in New Castle, Indiana.

The on and off rain and overcast skies kept me from taking a lot of pictures, but it didn't stop the Nifty Fifty from taking home her 1st Top 20 trophy!!!!

Thanks to Dave and Angie Fields, CWB, and the rest of the Lucky 7 Cruisers for hosting a great show! I'm sure Dave and Angie got lots of pictures of the event. I'm hoping they will email me some pictures!!!! The club has done a lot of work to their website. You can check it out at: http://www.lucky7cruisers.com/
Fortunately, the rains lifted later in the day. Which was great because I took the Nifty Fifty to an evening show in Muncie, Indiana at Brownie's BK Rootbeer. I'll post some pictures from that event tomorrow.