Tuesday, August 25, 2009

AFI Open House Post #5

Do you like it when you see cars, trucks, and other vehicles at car shows that aren't your "ordinary" show cars. You know what I mean. How many '55 and '57 Chevys, '32 Fords, and '55 Thunderbirds are there? Don't get me wrong, those cars are DEFINITELY cool and an important part of the automotive heritage and history that have made our country great. But I always enjoy seeing example of vehicles that are a little less popular. This late '30s Ford pickup is a nice example of that. A lot of folks think this 'generation' of Ford trucks were ugly with their BIG grille, and while I would agree that the effies of the late '40s and mid-50's are MUCH cooler, this pretty little biege pickup was definitely a "looker".
Is there such a thing as a Mercury that isn't cool? This two-tone mid-50s Merc was beautiful.
Hey...I know there are some Suede and Chrome readers that love the Pontiacs. How about this clean Catalina?
And for those Mopar readers, how about this "sleeper" 1964 Plymouth? Very cool.
What would you do if you owned a custom pinstriping and graphics business? How about making your vehicle a rolling business card! Check out the handpainted graphics on this little rat rod.
Pontiacs, Mercurys, Mopar, Rat rods, Fords....todays post has something for everyone. How about this awesome Ford Fairlane!
A 1930 Plymouth Roadster with a vintage HEMI!!!!! SWEEEEEEEET.