Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jubilee Days 2009, Hagerstown, Indiana

I didn't find out about this event until a few hours before it happened, so I didn't even bother taking the Nifty Fifty to the show. I'm told this is an annual show that is part of Hagerstown's festival called "Jubilee Days".
I've gotten to know the owner of this SWEET ride over the course of the last few weeks. He is a Hub Garage member and I've run into him at the Union City Ohio Fire Department show, here at Hagerstown, and again in New Castle Sunday afternoon. The car is one of the nicest cars in the area.

Some of the Lucky 7 Cruisers were at the Hagerstown event. Here are David and Angie Fields' Pontiac Firebirds. Always good to run into them.

I'm not sure how I missed the information on this show. Even some of our club members (The Righteous Rodders) made the event. This sweet 1941 Chevrolet pickup truck and the 1955 Chevrolet truck pictured below belong to "Trader Don". If you check out Suede and Chrome archives or the Righteous Rodders virtual garage, you can see what the '55 looked like before he got it back from Claywell's Body Shop in Modoc, Indiana. It's great to see it finally out of the shop and on the road. The '55 had a 454 big block under the hood.

I don't know why, (maybe it's because I have a "boatload of kids") but I'm a sucker for a kool vintage station wagon. I would love to find one that seats 9 with the 3rd row seat that faces backward. EVERY red-blooded American kid should experience traveling in a wagon when they are young!
This sweet Chevrolet belongs to Bud Grubbs. Bud has had several nice cars in the time that I've known him. He has taken this one to the James Dean Festival in Fairmount, Indiana the last several years, and we usually see him there. It was good to see it out locally in Hagerstown. Great lookin' car Bud!
More pictures from Jubilee Days in tomorrows post.