Sunday, August 23, 2009

Aesthetic Finishers 2009 Post #3

WOW! I'm thinkin' about taken the "GREAT WHITE" (a 1985 Dodge 15 passenger van) into the local Dodge dealer and seeing if I can get a $4500 cash for clunkers deal on one of these!!!! Man, the new Challengers are good looking cars. If Detroit would continue to build exciting models like this, and price them were the average person could afford them, they wouldn't be struggling to survive. BRING BACK AMERICAN MUSCLE!!!!!

I got to say that this Chevy was on my list of favorites at this year's Aesthetic Finishers Open House. This is the "look" I'm heading for with the Nifty Fifty. Still need to lower the suspension, and lake pipes, and some metal flake on the roof....but she's a lot closer to this than she was at this time last year. I've enjoyed being able to drive my car and work on it as time and $$$ allows.

Now this was AWESOME. When is the last time you saw a 1964 Plymouth wagon? Let alone one in this condition. This car was absolutely beautiful. I would love to find an old station wagon, one with a 3rd row seat that faces backward, to restore and haul the family to cruise-ins, church, school, etc. This would beat the heck out of the minivan we currently own.
Love the old Bowties!

Always a lot of kool vehicles at the Aesthetic Finishers show. Still loads of pictures and more coverage in the days ahead. Come back to Suede and Chrome tomorrow to see more!