Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wilbur Wright Post #5

Angie and Dave Fields brought their his and her Firebirds to the show. Dave won a Top 10 Trophy with his Red 1979 Formula Firebird.
It was great seeing a variety of cars and trucks at this year's event. Like Kevin Horan's 1978 Dodge W200 and Dixie Ford's 1977 Datsun.
The Ridge family brought their 1997 GMC Sonoma, while Paul Niles took home a Top 10 Trophy and a Ladies' Choice Trophy with his well restored 1949 Chrysler Town & Country convertible. Very nice car Paul.
Very rarely does CWB get to bring his 1947 Hudson to a show without having to DJ. While he wasn't working, he was still up to his typical hi-jinx. CW is it really true you were trying to trade your PorkChop dinner ticket away for another Custom event hotwheel? Too funny.