Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Final "MEGA" Post from Wilbur Wright Car Show

Well, it's always great when you see a husband and wife enjoying a hobby together. It's also interesting when they have very different tastes. Take Rex and Jenni Current for example. She brought her cute little 1960 Nash Metropolitan, while Rex brought his '81 DMC DeLorean. Both were pretty cool.
Since this was the 1st year our club hosted the event, we decided to give a "Club Choice" trophy. This year's winner was Bob Pierce with his 1957 Chevrolet. (pretty funny the club decided on this car, eh? Go back and check a statement I printed in Suede and Chrome last month about Red '57 Chevys.) Regardless, Bob's car was beautiful and the trophy was well deserved. Thanks for bringing it Bob!
We were glad to she Jeanine Carey's 1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible.
The show was great, and VERY well received, however I was disappointed on several levels. #1 We opened the show up to motorcycles this year, but only had 2 at the show. This one belonging to a club member. #2 Although we have SEVERAL club members with SEVERAL vehicles, we only had a handful of members and club vehicles at the show...COME ON disappoint me! #3 I had invited several friends who own traditional hotrods and/or rat rods, however the Nifty Fifty was the only such vehicle at the show. I'm hoping we can figure out how to get more of this type of vehicle at next year's show. And finally, although we improved from 35 entered cars last year to 50 this year, I was still a little disappointed considering all the advertising and legwork we put in. Hopefully "word of mouth" will increase numbers again next year.
Joe Mullins from New Castle, Indiana took home the Best Motorcycle Trophy with his 2005 HD FXDXI. When I asked him if he was going to have any trouble getting that HEAVY trophy home on the bike, he said he had to call his wife anyway because he had picked up a free puppy at the event too. Jim thanks for bringing the bike out, hope you, the puppy and the trophy made it home safely.
Club member Ben Shamy won a door prize. Being the generous husband that he is, he let his wife pick out a kool DaddyKatz Hellkitty ladies' t-shirt. Cindy looks like she appreciates it.
Well the Nifty Fifty is looking much better than she did at last year's show. Rechromed and shaved bumpers, Sunvisor, new paint on the rims, spyder hubs, beauty rings and wickedly kool pinstriping have all been added over the past year.