Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why the Changes!?!?!?

Well, every since I changed the format of this blog at the first of the year, I've been told that it has some "error" issues using certain browsers. Those of you using Explorer haven't had any issues, but those using Mozilla/Firefox haven't been able to read any of the content.

When I heard about this, I had our school librarian pull the site up during lunch. I new the only computer in the building that used Firefox was her's. Sure enough, the solid color blocks behind the text was missing and the text was stretched clear across the screen. Since I had the bamboo background, the text was pretty much impossible to read.

Looking at my blog stat widgets, I noticed that only a small percentage of readers actually use Firefox, and therefore, only a small percentage of readers were affected. However, I was determined to figure out what was causing the problem.

I have narrowed the issue down to one of three major changes that I made at the start of 2009. The problem may stem from either 1) Changing the blog template 2) adding the bamboo background 3) adding infolinks to the site. I have therefore removed all three changes and hope to be able to continue to tweek the site until I can figure out which change causes the problem.

I certainly apologize to those of you who use the Firefox browser. Hopefully the problem will be remedied with the elimination of all three changes. PLEASE email me or leave comments immediately in the future if you have any difficulties with the site. I'm always trying to improve the site, and in doing so I may add a widget or html change that causes some issues with some browsers.

THANK YOU for those readers who tipped me off to the problem. Please let me know asap if the changes I've made this morning have fixed the issue.