Thursday, February 19, 2009

Indy Autorama Post #5

Those of you who get the weekly edition of Indiana Auto and RV will recognize the coupe pictured above. It is the background picture of a weekly advertisement.

Man.....slung low and kool. VERY nice!

This tudor sedan is AWESOME! I love the flat paint and scallops.

Can anyone say "American Graffiti"? This recreation would make Milner proud!

Would love to take a spin in this "Hotrod Lincoln"!

This hotrod was featured in an article in the last edition of Hometown Hotrods. If member serves me right, it's owner built it from leftover parts from previous projects.

I'm not a big fan of the YELLOW, but this is still a very kool rod.

This '53 Chevrolet had a '50 front end on it. I like the shaved hood.

Man....I think I remember this kool little hotrod being up at the Cobo Center in Michigan last March. If so, I bet I'll see it again in a couple of weeks when he head up to the Detroit Autorama.