Sunday, February 22, 2009

Last of the Pictures from 2009 Indy Autorama

Well, this is it.....the end of the pictures from the 2009 Indianapolis Autorama...(sorry, I'm not really into the lowrider mini truck or lifted 4x4 scene. So even though the Autorama had something for everyone, I didn't take any shots of these vehicles.)

I did however take a shot of this VW "mini" bus just for fun. Rumor has it the youngest child of the Custom Metal Finishers family wants a minivan when he turns 16....Jake, this one's for you!

Come back tomorrow, as I will begin posting sets of pictures taken last month at the Rock Island Car Show in Illinois. My friends from Custom Metal Finishers set up a booth there and took a whole LOT of photos for me. Even though this blog is dedicated to traditional hotrods, there will be lots of Muscle Cars mixed in too in the days to come!